Functions of Police Complaints Authority

The functions of the Police Complaints Authority will be as under:

(i) The Authority shall inquire into allegations of “serious misconduct” against police personnel, as detailed below, either suo moto or on a complaint received from any of the following:

  • a victim or any person on his/her behalf;
  • the National or the State Human Rights Commission;
  • the police; or
  • any other source.

Explanation: “Serious misconduct” for the purpose of this chapter shall mean any act or omission of a police officer that leads to or amounts to:

  • death in police custody ;
  • grievous hurt, as defined in Section 320 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860;
  • rape or attempt to commit rape;
  • arrest or detention without due process of law;
  • extortion;
  • land/house grabbing; or
  • any incident involving serious abuse of authority

Provided that the Authority shall inquire into a complaint of such arrest or detention, only if it is satisfied prima facie about the veracity of the complaint.

(ii) The Authority may also inquire into any other case referred to it by the Administrator/Central Government.

Police Complaints

1. As conveyed vide Resolution No. No.F.12/04/2011/AR/1630-1789/C dt 27.02.12 issued by Deptt. of Administrative Reforms, Govt. of NCT of Delhi in order to implement the directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court in W.P.(C) No. 310 of 1996, titled "Prakash Singh & Ors Vs. Union of India & Ors.," it has been decided with the prior approval of Government of India Conveyed by the Ministry of Home Affairs vide letter No. 14040/127/2010-UTP dated 17.11.2011 to extend the role and responsibility of Public Grievance Commission set up by the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi vide Notification No. 4/14/94-AR dated 25.09.1997 as modified by the Notification No. 4/14/94-AR dated 30.07.1998 so as to attend to public complaints relating to Delhi Police as directed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the said case.

2. The Public Grievances Commission shall also be called Police Complaints Authority here in after called as "Authority" for the purposes of attending to complaints against Delhi Police, as an interim arrangement, till the Delhi Police Act, 1978 is replaced with the new Police Act."