The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has been set up by Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi vide Resolution No.F.12/04/2011/AR/1630-1789/C, dated the 27 February, 2012. As per the Resolution, the Public Grievances Commission has been declared as Police Complaints Authority (PCA). The Police Complaints Authority has been set up to deal with the complaints of public regarding acts of serious misconduct by the policemen/officers of Delhi Police such as death in Police custody, grievous hurt caused by Police , rape or attempt to rape, illegal detention, extortion, land/house grabbing or any serious abuse of authority. Any person having any grievance against police personnel regarding any of the misconducts as enumerated above may lodge a complaint in the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) in the prescribed format. A complaint can be lodged either personally or through post or by E-mail at pca.delhi@nic.in. The Police Complaints Authority has devised it's own procedure and drafted standard operating procedure to ensure that the complaints received by it are dealt with promptly and in a transparent manner. A Copy of the Resolution No.F.12/04/2011/AR/1630-1789/C is also available on the PCA's Website.

The PCA is comprised of Chairman and three Members, out of which one of the Members should be a woman.

Help Lines

  • Chairman :
    Vacant Post        23379911
  • Members:
    Sh. Sudhir Yadav 23379922
    Sh. N. Dilip Kumar 23370395
  • Secretary:
    Post Vacant 23379533
  • Deputy Secretary :
    Sh. R K Meena23379900 Ext (109)
  • Office Superintendent :
    Sh. S K Punj   23379900 Ext (113)
  • General Exchange : 23379900
  • 23379901